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Reasonable Expectations

July 16th, 2014

Reasonable Expectations When Selling a Home


Coffee should be hot. Beer should be cold. Mexican food should be spicy.  However, if these things are less than the standard that you expect, there are not any lasting consequences.

As the value of the object in question rises, either in price or gravity, the expectations usually increase and decisions become progressively more important. ...

Slash Utility Billls

July 8th, 2014

Ways to Slash Summer Utility Bills 


Here’s how:

1. Kitchen Kooldown – Your kitchen makes up a good chunk of your utility bills. Run appliances (think dishwashers) at night, when air is cooler. And, opt for grilling outside instead of heating up an oven. You can also microwave some of those side dishes, instead of cooking on the stove

2. Get with the Program – If you’re out most of the day ...