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Canada Day

OPP Officer Appealing to Drivers to Learn from the Tragic Mistakes of Others.

Fourteen lives have been lost, so far this year. The senseless deaths come at the hands of distracted drivers on OPP patrolled highways in Ontario.

And while the number of fatalities due to inattentive drivers is slightly down from the same time last year, OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says he still sees distracted drivers on our roads, each and every day.

“They aren’t really hard to miss, weaving in and out of their lanes, heads bobbing up and down all while holding on to their phones, talking or texting.”

Last year, the OPP laid approximately 20,000 distracted driving charges. “It’s still a huge issue,” stresses Schmidt.

The OPP Sergeant who can be seen regularly on the side of a closed down highway conducting media interviews or live tweeting about the dangers of distractions from a collision scene admits “it has become so main stream that everyone is doing it, all across the board, all ages, young and old, men and women.”

Schmidt calls it “extremely frustrating,” adding “it’s illegal, dangerous and in 14 cases this year it’s been deadly.”

In Ontario, it’s been illegal for drivers to talk, text, type, dial or email using cell phones and other handheld devices since October 2009. And as of September 1, 2015, drivers who are caught breaking the law now face a minimum fine of $490, plus three demerit points upon conviction.


Ontario’s road rules have changed. Visit to learn more or click here for information about distracted driving penalties.