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Decorating During the Holidays

How to decorate your home when it’s for sale during the holidays.

Holidays are special for all of us especially if you have young children at home.  If your home is for sale during the holidays it doesn’t mean that you have to forego all decorations. In fact, creating that feeling of home can help your buyers picture themselves there. Let them see the possibilities of your home.

Here are home staging tips for decorating for the holidays when your home is for sale......

1.  Don’t hide your space!

Buyers are buying your space, not your things.  This is not the time to put up the world’s largest Christmas tree.  

2.  Don’t block the paths that will allow your Buyers to navigate through and around your home.

3.  Preserve the views!  Save the snowflaked or other holiday decals that you like to put on your windows and sliders for your new home.  Place your tree in a corner...don’t cover up the view of your windows.
4. What’s pretty at night, isn’t so attractive during the day.

They’re fun to see when they’re all lit up, but those giant bears and oh so jolly snowmen do nothing for your curb appeal during the day.

 6. Too much is too much, holiday season or not.

Consider using one relatively large holiday accent piece rather than every

small holiday ornament or treasure you’ve collected since you had  your first home.

7. Don’t forget focal points...and don’t overwhelm them either.

In styling your home to sell, you want to showcase a room’s focal point.  That is often the fireplace in your family or living room. Don’t hide the beautiful mantle and whole fireplace area.

8. K.I.S.S. still rules

Keeping it simple when decorating your home for the holidays can help your buyers get in the holiday home-buying mood but still allow them to see the space.