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Happy New Year

The holidays are behind us, many have made resolutions for 2016, the decorations are being taken down and now it is the first Monday of 2016! What can you do today to make this day and the remaining days of 2016 really count? I don't mean earth shattering things, just practical, realistic action items that can make a difference.

 I have never been big on New Year Resolutions. What I do instead is to put together a good plan for each week and strive to accomplish what needs to be done. If something happens and I don't meet all of my weekly goals, I just adjust things for the next week.

 So how do you make your days count? At the end of the day, if you have succeeded in completing the important tasks, most of us are satisfied. What about those "extra" things such as volunteer work, a good deed of the day, a phone call to someone who has been having a tough time? These are the things in my life that give me a lot of satisfaction.

 As we all look to a new year today, perhaps take a moment to consider how to make it really count. When I simply mark items off of my list each day, I am going through the motions. When I can sit back and feel the warmth of a memory of the smile on someone's face when I helped them, encouraged them or maybe just smiled at them is worth so much.

 I plan to focus on making my days really count this year. As we all know, life can be fleeting and often cut short. Make your days count by feeling the immense satisfaction in knowing that you made a difference in another person's life today.