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Speed Clean For A Last Minute Showing

It’s been a crazy day, the house is a wreck; the phone rings, it’s an agent with clients in her car outside your home.  She asks if she can show the home. You ask her to give you 15 minutes.  Of course, you want to have her show it: These might be your buyers.

  • Okay, now for the Declutter tables and counter-tops. Stuff it in a closet or cabinet. 
  • Pick up the kid toys and dog/cat toys. Better still, put them in grocery bags and stick them out in the garage. Bring them back later.
  • Pick up those articles of clothing left lying around. Throw them in the dryer for temporary storage.
  • Making the beds always makes the bedroom look good. Open the blinds; sunlight cheers people up and they remember your home as light and bright.
  • Hit the bathrooms next; put damp/used towels in the washer. Place clean towels on racks – neat and pretty. 
  • Declutter and clean counters. Definitely clean the mirror (remember, light and bright. And clean the toilet, just in case.
  • Give a small spritz of Fabreeze in the living room.  Try spraying a tiny amount on a light bulb, then turn it on. The heat spreads the scent. No Fabreeze? I’ve used my perfume instead. Do not over-do the spray; people get suspicious and will think you are trying to hide something.
  • A quick sweep of your front porch and/or walkway, and your first impression is all good.

Yes, it’s a bit of a marathon but it is well worth it, and you can collapse after they leave, have a cup of tea, put your feet up. Then go find all those things you hid.