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Tips to Help the Photographer

Tips To Help Your Photographer


  • Make sure the home is full of light, natural if you have it, artificial if you don’t. The photographer will use discretion to turn off any lights that interfere with the photograph.
  • If you’re walls are overfull with photos, pictures, awards take some of them down. They tend to make the home look over-stuffed and detract from the spacious look you are trying for.
  • Go after those cluttered counters and shove everything in a cupboard or cabinet.  Make sure the counter tops are pristine and pretty.
  • Pick up all articles of clothing off the floors, beds, etc. You may think your laundry is attractive but it doesn’t look good in print.
  • Put your bedspreads or comforters on the beds; make sure they are straight
  • Move your kitchen trash can to a spot where it can’t be seen. Hide the litter box if Kitty has one, and pick up the dog's toys.
  • Speaking of pets, we know you love them dearly but it’s best not to have them cavorting through the photos.  Believe it or not, some people don’t like dogs or cats and seeing one or several may turn them off before they even get a chance to see your home.
  • Please refrain from cooking a meal while pictures are being taken.
  • Last, all humans should stay out of the photographer’s way and not try to be too helpful.

These tips will help you get great photographs.  Another tip: Ask to see some samples of the agent's home photography before you sign the papers.  Photos are one of the most important tools for selling your home, make sure the photographer does a good job.